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Apparel Patterns + Pets

Poppy is wearing a size x-large from the Poppy Blooms Collection. The color contrasts nicely with her coat color and the scale of the pattern doesn’t overwhelm due to her size.

When selecting  pet apparel with a pattern, be it a sweater, coat, etc., it is important to consider your pet’s size. The type of patterns that look good on a small pet doesn’t always work for a pet who’s larger.

Let’s consider the design of a pattern itself, whether it’s a complex or a simple pattern. If the pattern, for example, is mosaic or has elaborate scroll design or drawings, this may work for a smaller pet. The same design done for a larger pet, however, may be look overwhelming on the dog and put the entire focus on the sweater’s pattern. So if you have a larger pet and don’t want the plain vanilla flavor look, then choose pet apparel with simple, less complex patterns. Try to find a pattern with a simple design, one that compliments your pet, but doesn’t overwhelm where it look better as wallpaper then as a sweater.

The dog above with the white fur could wear a busy or repeating pattern as the apparel covers a small area of the dog. However, the pattern on a larger scale would be too busy. The apparel would compete with your pets rather than compliment. Also, color is important too as dark colors may look good on a dog with lighter color fur, but pets with darker color fur, the apparel may blend in, where as a softer shade, such as a pastel or a neutral tone with a simple print would coordinate well.

So if you have a larger pet and don’t want the plain vanilla flavor look, then choose dog sweaters with simple, less complex patterns.  If the pattern on the pet apparel, coat, bandana, etc. looks better as wallpaper then as apparel, then less is more works in this instance. Choosing apparel with a simple pattern will compliment, not overwhelm.

Simple patterns such as stripes, two tones, pattern at the top and bottom with simple design in the middle or just a simple repeating designs on the apparel work for a large breed pet.

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