A Ruff Guide

Get Your Paws Prepped

Winter and Spring Time Fashion

Winter has arrived and for much of the country, this means cold temperatures, winter storms and snow (Hopefully spring is around the corner – fingers crossed). So now is the time, in between the 100’s of things that need to be done, to revisit your pet’s wardrobe.

On the main check list for winter: pet sweaters and coats. Just as pet shoes help protect your pet’s paws on those winter walks from ice and snow, sweaters and coats help protect them from the cold, especially if they like to be outside for extended periods of time.

Whether inside or out, your pet experiences the same temperatures you do. So for pets who live in cold weather regions, especially for dogs or cats who are short hair, long hair, old, young, small or large – pet apparel whether it’s a sweater or coat, will help keep your pet warm during those walks or while running the yard.

Now it may seem obvious in the winter to make sure your beloved paws have sweaters and coats, but the spring and summer are just as important.

Obviously, when outside in the spring and summer months, your pet, unless for health reasons, will not need a sweater. However, if your dog or cat is inside for any length of time or running errands with you, a sweater or coat might be a good idea. The air conditioning will still affect their body temperature, especially if they have short or fine hair or they are a small breed.

Whatever the season, it’s always a good idea to dress your pets accordingly.