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Pets + Fireworks – Keep Them Safe

The following info was kindly shared with us from K9 of Mine on how to keep your pets safe during the fireworks celebration.  This info graphic has some great tips on how to handle your pet and this is great info to keep handy for any holiday or celebration that involves fireworks and pets.

4th of July is nearly upon us, and while everyone is excited about backyard BBQs and patriotic parties, many pet owners across the country are worried as well, wondering how their dogs will handle this year’s fireworks.

For many pets, the 4th of July is a frightening time. Dogs and cats will sometimes even bolt from home and take off in fear of fireworks. This is why July 5th is oftentimes the busiest day of the year for animal shelters, who work to locate wandering lost pets and reunite them with their families.

Lost pets can actually increase as much as 30% during July 4-6, all thanks to fireworks pandemonium.

K9 of Mine has recently released a new infographic on 4th of July fireworks safety for dogs, in hopes that this information can help owners keep their dogs safe and happy during this year’s fireworks!

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