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Find Your Pet’s Comfort

When you see a pet outfit or apparel at the store that you like, it may look cute, but how does the apparel feel? Is the material coarse? Is it made from yarn that’s too thin? Will it last through several washings? Regardless of how adorable or colorful pet apparel is, picking apparel that has the right texture and thickness is important since the purpose of your pet wearing apparel is mainly to keep them warm (while looking stylish of course!).

These dog models shown above are wearing apparel made from soft acrylic yarn, not thin yarn material. Plus the collars are designed in a rib stitch pattern to allow for flexibility in the neck area. The pet coat pictured just below is made from flannel and fleece – which are nice, soft fabrics.

Also, if your dog has short hair, a fine coat or you live in a cold weather region, will a sweater made with thin yarn not only last through wear and care, but help keep your dog warm? How will the sweater feel on your dog after a few washings, especially if your dog has a fine coat or short hair, the coarseness of the sweater may bother them and hind your dog from wanting to wear the sweater.

Consider the next time you purchase a dog sweater whether the quality of that sweater or sweaters will satisfy your dog’s needs.

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